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Are You In YOUR Reality?!?

Are you able to differentiate between what is YOUR reality and what might be a fantasy or idealization?!?

This is a common area I work on with my patients + clients is being in the reality of the here and now…what is!! The most important part of this is being true to yourself about what is really going on within you and around you.

Give yourself a mini mental reality check by reflecting on the following questions:

✨ How do I truly feel? How does this truly make me feel when it happens?

✨ What are my initial thoughts when I think about or expose myself to this situation?

✨ Do I know who I am in this situation? What my role is? Is it fulfilling + healthy?

✨ What is my meaning + purpose? Or do I feel like I’ve lost my sense of self?

If you are struggling to answer these questions, you are not alone. Often times our brains + bodies will escape into fantasy for purposes of “feeling good” in the moment; however, this could be activation of avoidant brain, survival brain, trauma brain, anxious brain to name a few.

One example of doing this is escaping into social media for hours….SOUND FAMILIAR?!?

Check in with family + friends to see if they have any feedback or notice any changes within you. Also, I’m here to help!!!

✨ Get started on your journey today! ✨


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